BoomTemple - SoulJob - Available Now


“I love that they’re not following the trends. They’re doing their own thing” — Warren Haynes – Govt. Mule/The Allman Bros.

BoomTemple lead singer Tony Lindsey and guitarist-writer-producer Kyle Frederick began playing music together in the 1970’s in Bowling Green, KY. They were teenagers when their band TyBarc entered the indie-FM charts with the rock power-ballad, “Whisper.” Lindsey and Frederick formed BoomTemple in 2009 with the help of former Jason and the Scorcher’s drummer Fenner Castner.

They began writing what Frederick calls “picnic on a volcano” rock songs about the challenges of modern politics, religion, and romance before heading into the recording studio with bass player Byron House. A longtime friend, House coproduced Frederick’s 1990’s solo debut album, In This House, and recently toured and recorded with Robert Plant.

In January, the Nashville based indierockers released their second album SoulJob. Long-time contemporaries and well-known veterans of the Nashville music scene appear frequently on the new album including Sam Bush, Bill Lloyd, Greg Martin, Jonell Mosser, Chris Carmichael, House, and others.

SoulJob, a collection of ten original tunes, was produced by Frederick and Marc Owens and mixed by Rob Feaster (George Harrison, Sting, Bruce Springsteen) at Nashville’s legendary Quad Studios.  A diverse array of songs, ranging from the hypnotically psychedelic “Girl at the Pork Store” to roaring rockers like “Yes I Will,” the album’s sweeping musical scope packs a powerful emotional punch and features contributions from string wizard Carmichael and Kentucky Headhunter Martin on slide guitar.

SoulJob was recorded and released in partnership with Nashville’s Vandermont Music Group, headed by longtime industry veteran Doug Howard.  The follow-up to BoomTemple’s 2010 release Vaccine, SoulJob is now available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Rdio, Zune/Xbox, Mog, and

Doug Howard
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